Hydropneumatic pump

Hydropneumatic pump

A central water boosting system that ensures water at good pressure at all points. By installing this system one can do away with construction of overhead tanks.

We are designers and manufacturers of central water booster systems that maintains uniform pressure at all levels and at all water outlets, be it a small bungalow or a high rise building. The system is skid mounted with imported FRP vessels having a pre-charged polyurethane air balloon inside / diaphragm tank. Monoblock or Submersible Pumps are connected to this vessel with necessary valves and NRVs pressure switches and pressure guages along with the electrical panel which is also skid mounted making the entire system compact.


  • Easy Installation.
  • Fully skid mounted at factory, wired, preset and ready for use. Only inlet and outlet connections are to be made at site.
  • The FRP tank with polyurethane balloon / diaphragm tank is pre-charged imported one and noiseless.
  • Eliminates overhead tank thereby reducing the load on the building.
  • Skid mounting makes the systems compact using less floor space.
  • You can gel the desired pressure at any point required.
  • The system can be ideal for old buildings as well as for new buildings.
  • The system can be designed to your requirement with different pumping option.
  • The material of construction is food grade approved by FDI and thussafe.
  • As this is a closed system, there will be a no air pocket.
  • Application

    Bungalows, Multistoried buildings, Apartments, Dairies, Petrol Pumps, Irrigation, 1 lotels, Hospitals, Industries,Railways for cleaning, washing, fire fighting and all other places where water is required to be supplied for longer distance with pressure and also other innumerable places.